What happened to us?


We can’t believe it’s been a year since we updated the website. We do have good reason, although we hate that we neglected this space for so long. If you didn’t already know, we put our property up for sale last year in April. If any of you remember, we had actually just planted our seedlings a few weeks before. But, we found a property with 40 acres and so much more room to grow and expand. So we left it all behind and moved the farm.

Long story short, we ran into a few problems getting the land transferred from the previous owner and it just wasn’t getting resolved in a timely manner (we were in limbo for 6 months and counting). So, we were forced to move…again. We are now living on a 30 acre property. The only problem with this space is that it doesn’t have a barn or chicken coop or anything we need, really. Because of that, we are unable to have any of our equipment or tools at the farm. No place to grow our seedlings for vegetables, no watering system, nothing. And, to be honest, it’s costly to move an entire farm twice in one year.

We’re taking things one day at a time but we are sad to say we won’t be at the farmer’s market again this year. It was our plan and goal to be there last year, but a lot of life and moving has happened since then. You all have been so supportive of us over the last three years and, although we won’t have any offerings for the public right now, we hope you’ll still follow along with our farm family.

Our current plan is to update the blog and share with you what we’ve learned through farming. How we started and what we did to get up and running. We don’t have many new things to share with you at the moment but we want to share with you everything we’ve done right and the many things we’ve done wrong.

We hope you’ll share this new journey with us! Things are always changing and we’ve learned to just go with the flow.

Sending every ounce of love to you,

– From all of us at Homegrown Goods OKC –

2015 Recap

 December 31st. Wow. What an incredible year. This was the first year we were able to go to the farmer’s market. We worked really hard on our land last December and it paid off in beautiful ways this summer. We met so many amazing people who have become customers and friends.


We also welcomed two new sets of baby chicks to the farm. In February we welcomed baby Oliver Eggers, Easter Eggers, and Welsummers to the flock. They are now laying a rainbow of colors for our customers to enjoy! And just this month we welcomed 25 more babies. This time we opted for Barred Rock & Leghorns that will lay brown and cream colored eggs.




We also significantly extended the flocks free range area two different times. Once when we let them in the wooded area and even further when we let them loose in the growing field.




We also introduced a new member to the farm – sweet Pax! He’s a Great Pyrenes mix; a guard dog in training to our chickens. He sometimes causes the girls stress but it’s all about learning and growing together.




And finally we started our egg pick-up locations again! We send out a newsletter every week to our farm customers and they order from there. We have delivery locations in both Edmond & OKC. If you haven’t signed up yet, let us know you’d like to join here.




We couldn’t be more blessed this year. As the years go on we hope that we make more and more progress, reach more of our goals, and continue to grow. Thank you all so much for standing by us. We would be nothing without your support and love. So from all of us at Homegrown Goods, we hope you had a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Here are some of our favorite moments this year:


Winter Egg Orders

Happy Wednesday friends! We are excited to announce that our egg pick-up locations have resumed! We will have a pick-up location in OKC & Edmond each week so you all won’t be without your eggs this winter. Our girls still lay eggs and they’re still as delicious as ever during the colder seasons. We try to give the girls as many organic greens as we can and they still get to run around and dig in the dirt searching for whatever bugs or insects might be hiding under the leaves.


We want to make egg pick-ups as easy as possible for everyone which is why we set the time between 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. during the weekday. We hope that that gives people enough time to get off work and get to us without any trouble.

Our Edmond pick-ups will be from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. every Monday and our OKC pick-up location will be from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday.

Our eggs have been selling out every week so the earlier you reserve your order, the better. We ask that you reserve your eggs no later than midnight on the Sunday before delivery. That gives us time for farm chores and to pack your eggs. Email us directly at homegrowngoodsokc@gmail.com or send us your email here to be added to our weekly newsletter. We send out all of the pick-up information you need as well as updates on the farm every week! [Signing up for our newsletter does not commit you to buying eggs every week, it just gives you the opportunity for ordering information first.] You will be able to order chicken eggs as well as duck eggs along with any lingering produce we might have. All items available for purchase will be listed in the newsletter.

Pick-up locations have already started! The next pick-up will be Monday, October 26th from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. in Edmond.


We hope you can take advantage of our winter deliveries!

Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

– From all of us at Homegrown Goods OKC –


Farmers Market 2015

It was a long time coming but this year we finally joined the farmers market community! We attended the Oklahoma City Public Market downtown at the beginning of August and are now at the Edmond Farmers Market every weekend. If you don’t already know, the farmer’s market district is making a comeback! Urban Agrarian has been calling the district home for many years and now, the old public market building is reprising its role as a beautiful, indoor farmers market. You can find crafts, flowers, and vegetables all under one roof. It’s still a growing market but we were happy to be included!

The Edmond Farmers Market has been around for over 25 years and has loyal vendors that come back every year, and we know why! The people we have met and the now “regulars” that we get to see every weekend has made us treasure our weekly markets. We have fresh, free-range chicken eggs (non-GMO), okra, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and jalapenos. And, for the last 2 weeks we have also had our Cushaw Squash and pumpkins!

The Edmond market is located at the corner of Broadway and 2nd Street near downtown Edmond at the Festival Marketplace. This market runs from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. We will have all of our goodies at this market until the end of October. We will also be joining the Uptown 23rd Farmers Market for their September event on Sunday, September 27 from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

All of our vegetable varieties are non-GMO and 100% chemical/pesticide free. If we have bugs or pests, we get them with our hands and they are either chicken snacks or no longer with us… Growing your own food is most assuredly a labor of love but we do it for you! We know how important it is to know where your food is coming from.

photo2 (1)

We have made one big change since starting the market and that is that we have temporarily put our pick-up locations in downtown OKC & Edmond on hold. Since you can find us at the farmers markets every weekend, we decided it would be easiest to have everyone pick up their eggs at the market. But we will be starting the pick-up locations back up the week of November 2nd!

photo3 (1)

We truly can’t express what this year at the market has done for us. The people we have met and the things we have learned are invaluable. We just want to say


The Benefits of Duck Eggs

We have both ducks and chickens on our farm…and they both lay eggs. Eggs that you can eat and enjoy! Most people don’t realize that duck eggs are excellent for eating. They are so different from chicken eggs, yet very similar. We want to walk you through the differences and highlight benefits of both egg choices.

First, let’s point out the visible differences. The egg on the left is from one of our Khaki Campbell ducks while the egg on the right is from one of our standard free range chickens. As you can see, the size of the eggs are quite different.


That goes along with their yolks as well. Again, the duck egg yolk is pictured on the left , while the chicken egg yolk is on the right. You can clearly see that the duck egg has a larger yolk.


Both of our flocks feast on a diet of fresh greens and bugs that they find while foraging and are supplemented with non-medicated, non-soy, and non-GMO feed. We keep their diet as balanced and fresh as possible.

Now, let’s discuss the differences of each type of egg, starting with the chicken eggs.



Chicken eggs are, of course, the most common type of egg eaten in America. We poach, scramble, bake, and cook with them. They are filled with protein and fresh eggs have a delicious creamy flavor. The nutrition of a chicken egg is similar to that of a duck’s but the duck eggs tend to be higher in nutritional value; yielding a higher fat content and more protein. Chicken eggs are so common in our marketplace that they are always readily available in the grocery store and in everyone’s pantry.



Duck eggs have a very thick shell which allows them to stay fresh for longer periods of time. Another benefit of duck eggs is that people who are allergic to chicken eggs can often tolerate duck eggs without any problems (always consult your doctor before making a diet change concerning allergies). That allows individuals with allergies to still be able to consume healthy proteins in their diet in egg form. Which brings us to our next point: duck eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acids than chicken eggs. Most of us know that you can find Omega 3 fatty acids in fish and it’s some of the best fatty acids for you. Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the body, therefore you need to obtain these acids through your diet.

Higher protein, healthy fat content, and a richer flavor could be reasons for you to give duck eggs a try. But, if you don’t prefer the taste to chicken eggs, at some point, you may have heard someone say that duck eggs are fabulous for baking. And they are! Duck eggs have more of something called albumen, which makes cakes and other baked goods fluffier. Many chefs cook and bake with duck eggs as opposed to chicken eggs.

So, there you have it – the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs.

You can find our duck eggs at Urban Agrarian in downtown Oklahoma City or at our farm. If you’re interested in buying either our chicken or duck eggs (or both) please contact us here.

Fall is Back

It’s officially fall and on to winter! These last few months have been filled with new baby chickens, loving our pumpkin patch, building new and bigger homes for our animals, establishing a hatchery, and dreaming up new projects to keep us busy this winter.


We continue to clear land and make room for even more deliciousness this spring, we’re planning and plotting out our land, chopping wood, and preparing to set up our beehives!

Nature and farming never cease to amaze us. We are constantly learning and constantly making ourselves and this small business even better. We have met so many people through our first several months and established so many new relationships.


As we “fall back” we are forced to savor and take advantage of every hour of daylight we have. Rain or shine. Sleet or snow. Hot or cold. We are farmers and we know we belong to the land. Thank you for letting us remember that, day by day.


Summer Update

So, what have we been up to on the farm the last several weeks? A lot actually. So much goes on behind the scenes that you may not want to see on Instagram or Facebook. Like, cleaning a duck pond full of poo or getting bites, cuts, and scrapes. But we do want to share a few updates! We have successfully updated our little ducks to a nicer, sturdier pond and we’re playing around with a new form of gardening (we’ll spill the beans further on down the road).


For now, though, we’re growing, learning, and loving everything about this adventure. Our friends and family have been immensely supportive and we’ve gained new customers that fill us with gratitude. As the summer is winding down, we’re planting a new, fall garden, watching our pumpkin patch explode and still enjoy freshly cut flowers.


Next week will be the good stuff: installing a brand new (HUGE) chicken coop because, after all, we did just introduce 20 new chickens to the grazing field and we will be cutting trees for firewood and clearing out a place for our winter greenhouse. So many good things coming and we’re so happy you’re along for the ride!


What is Homegrown Goods?



If this is your first time to hear about Homegrown Goods OKC, let us introduce ourselves. We are a family based homestead located just north of Edmond. We sell vegetables grown in our garden. Fresh eggs from our lovely flock of chickens. Cakes made by us using fresh eggs, every time. And a few other items to help bring the homegrown life into your home.

photo1 (1)Later this summer, we will frequent local farmer’s markets to bring you all sorts of goodies. We love community and supporting local businesses. We have found such a rich camaraderie in the businesses that occupy Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. We love meeting business owners, individuals, and families alike. Whether that be at the farmer’s market or at fresh egg pick-up locations, we always look forward to it.



photo2 (1)

So, take a look around and get to know us a little more. We are so fulfilled in this new journey and we want to thank you all for your support during this exciting time.

Have questions? Visit our contact page and shoot us an email – we’d love to hear from you!