2015 Recap

 December 31st. Wow. What an incredible year. This was the first year we were able to go to the farmer’s market. We worked really hard on our land last December and it paid off in beautiful ways this summer. We met so many amazing people who have become customers and friends.


We also welcomed two new sets of baby chicks to the farm. In February we welcomed baby Oliver Eggers, Easter Eggers, and Welsummers to the flock. They are now laying a rainbow of colors for our customers to enjoy! And just this month we welcomed 25 more babies. This time we opted for Barred Rock & Leghorns that will lay brown and cream colored eggs.




We also significantly extended the flocks free range area two different times. Once when we let them in the wooded area and even further when we let them loose in the growing field.




We also introduced a new member to the farm – sweet Pax! He’s a Great Pyrenes mix; a guard dog in training to our chickens. He sometimes causes the girls stress but it’s all about learning and growing together.




And finally we started our egg pick-up locations again! We send out a newsletter every week to our farm customers and they order from there. We have delivery locations in both Edmond & OKC. If you haven’t signed up yet, let us know you’d like to join here.




We couldn’t be more blessed this year. As the years go on we hope that we make more and more progress, reach more of our goals, and continue to grow. Thank you all so much for standing by us. We would be nothing without your support and love. So from all of us at Homegrown Goods, we hope you had a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Here are some of our favorite moments this year: