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Homegrown Goods OKC is a family run, local goods supplier. Our little homestead is placed right in the middle of God’s country with 30 acres that are all our own. We grow our own food, the natural way and chemical free. We take pride in working the land that God so graciously gave us and we want to share that abundance with you!

We want you to know and learn about where your food is coming from. Follow our blog to see the daily ins and outs on the homestead. See the garden where your vegetables are picked and meet the chickens that lay those gorgeous brown eggs. We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you. Visit our contact page and say hi sometime, we’d love to meet you!


We are currently in a transition stage and will not be at any local markets in 2017.

Keep up with us via our blog and on Facebook & Instagram.



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