Fall is Back

It’s officially fall and on to winter! These last few months have been filled with new baby chickens, loving our pumpkin patch, building new and bigger homes for our animals, establishing a hatchery, and dreaming up new projects to keep us busy this winter.


We continue to clear land and make room for even more deliciousness this spring, we’re planning and plotting out our land, chopping wood, and preparing to set up our beehives!

Nature and farming never cease to amaze us. We are constantly learning and constantly making ourselves and this small business even better. We have met so many people through our first several months and established so many new relationships.


As we “fall back” we are forced to savor and take advantage of every hour of daylight we have. Rain or shine. Sleet or snow. Hot or cold. We are farmers and we know we belong to the land. Thank you for letting us remember that, day by day.