Summer Update

So, what have we been up to on the farm the last several weeks? A lot actually. So much goes on behind the scenes that you may not want to see on Instagram or Facebook. Like, cleaning a duck pond full of poo or getting bites, cuts, and scrapes. But we do want to share a few updates! We have successfully updated our little ducks to a nicer, sturdier pond and we’re playing around with a new form of gardening (we’ll spill the beans further on down the road).


For now, though, we’re growing, learning, and loving everything about this adventure. Our friends and family have been immensely supportive and we’ve gained new customers that fill us with gratitude. As the summer is winding down, we’re planting a new, fall garden, watching our pumpkin patch explode and still enjoy freshly cut flowers.


Next week will be the good stuff: installing a brand new (HUGE) chicken coop because, after all, we did just introduce 20 new chickens to the grazing field and we will be cutting trees for firewood and clearing out a place for our winter greenhouse. So many good things coming and we’re so happy you’re along for the ride!